September 26, 2016


Student Visa

Student visa is the main stream business of Millennium Education Concepts (Pvt) Ltd and we currently maintain a 95% success rate for all student visas and 100% for Australian student visas. We offer a wide array of universities and colleges from the below list of countries and we have a network of business partners which enables us to have such a wide range on offer.

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • China
  • Malaysia

Australian Skilled Migration

Australian skilled migration process is also handled by us for the qualified candidates who become eligible for Permanent Residency under the government requirements. We have had very good success in managing the applications of good number of professionals from various backgrounds like Information Technology, Accountancy, Engineering, Healthcare and etc. 

Nurses Migration

This is a special category handled by Millennium Education Concepts (Pvt) Ltd where we provide a number of study and migration pathways for Sri Lankan government and private nurses. This is a professional, which currently has the best demand overseas for jobs and high income earning. We have established a network of university and business partners which enables us to give a variety of options.

  • Australian nursing Bachelor and Master Degree pathways¬†
  • New Zealand nursing Bachelor and Post Graduate Degree pathways
  • Australian nursing registration through IRON program
  • New Zealand nursing registration through CAP program
  • Australian Skilled Migration for Graduate nurses

Australian Visitor Visa

This is another category we handle and we have been quite successful in this segment as well. We assist the client in getting the required documentation and statements ready and we provide an end-to-end consultancy until the point the client receives his visa and become eligible to travel to Australia.

Australian Graduate Work Visa

This is a temporary visa which enables certain graduates from nominated categories and from specified educational institutes to get an opportunity to go and work in Australia for a limited period of 18 months. We have seen the demand from several universities in Sri Lankan for this and can take up the cases if the applicant becomes qualified.